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CarefreeGrizzly / I'mma Burr

I'm just your carefree grizzly
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Absence and Updates

Hey all! Sorry wow I like died here aha. I was previously on vacation so that's half the reason why i've been so absent xD and also muse has been down :C SO TO CHANGE ALL THAT I am taking requests :D It'll mostly probably be chibis if that's cool with you guys! Or if something pops up and it's an i…

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hope and fear

i normally don't write things like this but i just want to get this out there and off my chest. for ages now i've never really thought of myself as somebody special- somebody that would consider me to be a candidate for somebody to want to spend their life with me doing silly things and fun stuff t…

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Lists and Things!~

OK SO I NEED A LIST. things to complete in order! ~ Badges for TheMysteriousL Shore StellaSong Billy MT Commissions for: sketch bust commish for Rory work out details for commish for Bobtan second character flat bust for dark on tumblr My computer art project :'D this is just so I know who to do ne…

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Let's Get this Show on the Road!

Hello!! I know I wrote a journal previously about open requests, but I'd like to address something important! I am open for commissions!~ I finally got things set up via paypal and stuff so I figured let's get this going! I'm eager and excited to be honest, and hopefully I'm not too much of a disap…

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Free Stuff a La GrizzLi~!

Pleasure meetin' ye! Just a carefree GrizzlyBee here. Guess I'll cut to the chase so I don't drag this on haha. I take on requests of any sort C: Busts, badges, full references, nsfw shit, pin ups, you name it I'll do it~ All's I need is references of OCs and an idea of what you'd like me to draw :…