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I know it's been discussed but I really really really hate

weasyl's thumbnail system. I HATE it. It really dissuades me from clicking on any picture at all - my inbox is often around 100 submissions and I will usually only click on maybe 5 out of that number. Especially since so many people crop to just a character's face, so I'm usually just looking at an…

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achievement unlocked: 26 years old

SNOWSTORM BIRTHDAY GO it is a very pretty day in Chicago!! Big fat snowflakes all over the damn place (on top of the assloads of snow we already have). Good day for a birthday even if it is COLD AS FLIP The best thing about birthdays is that I have been eating like a goddamn king this week. (´∀`)♡…

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my fav music of late!

you guys gave me some EXCELLENT links in my last journal, thanks so much! So much delicious new stuff to listen to (*°∀°)=<3 in return, here's some of the things I can't stop listening to: http://youtu.be/hYjHixQ9Ns4 - "That's Alright" by Laura Mvula - I've been fucking yelling along to this when I…

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it's really interesting

how, when an artist starts getting really popular, all of a sudden you see all these other people's art styles starting to become more and more like (popular person's) like, legitimately I don't even think it's a bad thing for people to emulate art styles they like as they're experimenting with dra…

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UGHHHH this winter has been so incredibly gross. Right now we have beautiful balmy temperatures of -25f that's GREAT you guys stay warm today!! Unless you're already in a nice warm place. In that case, I am jealous. :C and a positive note my fucked up tooth got fixed!! Now I can eat in peace!!! yes…

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taking commissions - last call for current prices, and v-day special!

hey everyone! I'm due to bump up my prices, so this is your last chance to get commissions at these current prices~! my price guide is right here: http://d.facdn.net/art/capribebe/1364929742.capribebe_commguideresize.png regular slots 1) darkomi 2) poesraven 3) vesperia 4) ladyloki 5) zeropointg VA…

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get to know me meeeeeme

What's your real name? Helen! My whole family tends to have old-fashioned names, heh How tall are you? 4'11".......... What's your natural hair color? mad ginger What's your eye color? grey blue What's your orientation? lesbian maybe? Everyone is hot but I only fall in love with girls Are you singl…

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hello everyone!

hey all! <3 I've had this account for a while but I'm just finishing uploading some of my pictures. Sorry for the spam, hahah. Today I went through my main account and uploaded everything I felt was worth it... tomorrow, I'll be dumping porn from my adult account. >_> consider yourselves warned!