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Matt / Male / Michigan

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Looks like I'm going to be attempting to get my Weasyl up to date with some of the pieces I've done since LAST YEAR OOPS.

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April Commissions OPEN

Commissions are now open for April! There are 5 spots for ordinary commissions (aka those found on this sheet: ) If there is something you’d like to commission that does not have a price or example on that sheet, just let me know, and I can give you a quote…

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Commissions Re-opening tomorrow

So because I don't update my journal here very often, I doubt any of my followers here even knew I was closed for commissions >.> Regardless, I'm re-opening for them tomorrow lmfao. Commission prices are here: My waitlist and commission queue are here

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I am now open for commissions of all kinds. Comment, note or email me at to claim a spot! Payment via paypal is preferable. Payment may be made up front, or for pieces above $50, 1/2 up front, 1/2 upon completion. I always keep my commissioners updated with progress, usually…

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Commission Special: THIS WEEKEND ONLY

Examples here Rough sketches for $15 Colored roughs for $25 Just for this weekend, guaranteed to be done by Monday. =} Just in the meantime while I catch up on big commissions. Comment, note or email (to if you're interested. 1.patientzero

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Commissions Closed Temporarily (Waitlist still open)

Hi all! I am now open for commissions of all kinds. Examples and prices may be found here and here for experimental commissions Refsheets and paintings with human/humanoid (demons, fauns etc) subjects recieve a $15 discount this time around simply because I don't get them very often and I do enjoy…

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Get to Know Me thingy

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their support in helping me establish a presence here! And then of course I've seen this going around so I figured I'd do it to introduce myself to any possible new faces... What's your real name?: Matt/Matthew How tall are you?: 5'7" What's your natural…

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Preparing to Open for Commissions

Prices are located in the Commissions section of my profile page. Examples and more details can be found here I will be uploading that price-sheet on the day I open. I'm not sure when that will be yet.Possibly sometime next week. I will be opening for a couple slots of varying types- including pain…

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Hi there.

I have previously been found on Furaffinity by the same name and while I am not moving exclusively to Weasyl yet, I wanted to remain available to those people who have moved on from FA. submissions will mostly be older pieces until my gallery is representative of where I am with my art currently, t…