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Post MCFC Thang // Future Cons...?

I had a great time! As always, it was great meeting some amazing folks and getting to draw such cool characters. Thank you to all who commissioned me over the weekend! (You've helped me pay off most of my credit card haha!) Unfortunately after this weekend I'm not entirely sure when my next con wil…

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Commissions are Officially OPEN!! + MCFC Badge Pre-Orders!

Woo my commissions are open! And here's a spiffy new price chart for your viewing pleasure: boop I'm also taking badge pre-orders for MCFC! They can be Derp, Chibi, or Half Body. Let me know if you'd like one to pick up at the con. Good to note that from now on I will be taking any commission inqui…

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Sketch Commissions Open! 5 Slots!

I'm open for some sketch commissions! I'll be open for all commissions soon. I'm going to be working about 40 hours at my job the next couple weeks so once my hours have gone down to normal I'll be ready to go. But yeah, until then, I'm up for some sketches! $10 for a single character +$3 for color…

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Livestream tonight - PWYW Headshot Commissions!

I'll be livestreaming later tonight around 5 or 6pm EST. Gonna work on some kaiju, but if you'd like a headshot drawing you can let me know and I'll start on it immediately in stream! Or just stop by to hang out and chat. Either way is cool! Don't want to miss the stream? Hop over to my [Picarto.TV…

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KAIJUUU! Give me some suggestions?

I've been working on some silly kaiju monsters today. My little guys are usually based on real life animals so I thought why not ask my buds for some suggestions for more kaiju? So go a head and suggest some animals or hybrids or whatever and I'll try and kaiju-ify them. I'm more partial to reptile…

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Ohayocon '15! Any of you fluffies going?

Hey all! I will be attending Ohayocon this Saturday! Anyone else planning to go? I'd love to see you derps! I'll be cosplaying as a fem-version of this mask wearing weirdo from the game OFF: https://pathofpins.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/37what.png If you see me say hi! :)

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Happy New Year! // The Lowdown on Things to Come!

Happy New Year to you all! You all are awesome and have made my 2014 a fun year! Here's to more fun times to come in 2015. My commissions are officially closed, but do not fret! I will still be working on art and posting it here. I will also be doing more YCH's from time to time to give myself a br…

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20% OFF Commission Sale/YCH Auction Ends TONIGHT!

My commissions are closing TONIGHT! This is your last chance for 20% off ANY commission! Custom Bottle Cap Pin - $5 $4 Sketch - $10 $8 Badges: Derp Badge - $10 $8 Chibi - $20 $16 Half Body - $30 $24 Portraits: 6x6 Chibi or Half Body - Line $20 $16, Flat Color $30 $24, Shading $40 $32 8x10 Full Body…

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20% OFF Commission Sale! Only a Few Days Left!

My commissions will be closing this Wednesday! So, with only a few days left I am holding a last minute sale. 20% off ANY commission! For a quick reference, here's a list of the sale prices: Custom Bottle Cap Pin - $5 $4 Sketch - $10 $8 Badges: Derp Badge - $10 $8 Chibi - $20 $16 Half Body - $30 $2…

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Commissions Closing Soon! Two Slots Available

That's right folks, get 'em while you can! At the end of the year I will be closing my online commissions. Going into 2015 I really want to focus on working on more personal pieces to beef up my portfolio. This is because I have decided to go back to school and pursue a Masters in Illustration. Aaa…

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I'm alive?

Heeey sorry for being so inactive 'round here. I made this account and then just kindda... forgot about it lamo. But I will be changing that and will upload some new stuff soon! I really do love this site's layout and will try to be more active on it. So bear with me, guys lol. I also caught a cold…