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New account

Oh heyyyy. I dunno if any of my followers on here are still around. But I made a new personal account for selling adoptables, and posting art of my recent fursonas. Head on over to: jaspergoesrawr

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Terms of Service

By commissioning Caffeinated Crafts, you agree to these Terms of Service. Please read carefully. Terms of Service may be edited as necessary. Restrictions: Commissioners must be 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18, have your parent or guardian contact me through email at koohii _monsutaa@…

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Get up to 10% off just by advertising (or referring)!

Want a nice discount off that tail you've been wanting for a while? You can get up to 10% off in one of two ways! For everywhere that you advertise for me, you can get 2% off, for up for 10% off! Places you can advertise include FA journals, Deviantart, Weasyl, facebook, twitter and more! At the le…

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Tail/Paw/Ear Prices

Handpaw prices: To wrist: $45 To elbow: $55 To shoulder, or wrist/elbow gloves and separate armsleeves: $75 Elastic included with long gloves/armsleeves Feetpaws start at $60 for single color. Include black or white foam mat bottoms. Send your own shoes. All prices for single color, without pawpads…

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Commission Queue

Ask me about commissions! (Name - type - deadline) Bluekoinu - Fox Tail - April