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Bamboo and Intuos: Looking for advice.

So I think I might actually be getting serious about this art thing. I've been forcing myself to draw more and more, and I'm actually pretty happy with the progress I've been making! That said, I have a few questions for anyone who has had experience with both Wacom's Bamboo and Intuos product line…

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Going to stream later tonight; this bad idea is HAPPENING

Yep. Gonna do it. I'll put a journal up when it's actually happening. If anyone is familiar with the artist Nate Day, I will likely be waiting until his stream is up to do so, as I (and at least one person who has expressed interest in watching me doddle poorly) will be watching his stream tonight.…

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Well, that's a start

I've been manually uploading a few of the pictures I have of Caeru here. (I realize there are tools that could do it for me, but I don't have enough to need to use it). That said, there's still more to come. Chances are most of you are from FurAffinity, and already realize that. I have about a doze…

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Caeru art flood coming in the next few days

For any current, new, or potential watchers: I'm going to be uploading all of the art I currently have posted on FurAffinity over here within the next few days. That should be about 30 submissions. I might try to spread them out a little bit, but not by much. Once I've done that, I'll slowly start…