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Commissions Temporarily Closed

I'm closing my commissions this month due to I need to finish some pictures that needs to be colored. I got my backlog almost complete, just needs a little more time to do some of the arts. And also the fact that people ignored me as I didn't even exist. Will reopen this March. Sorry for the inconv…

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Running low on funds

Right now I'm running low on funds. The last purchase I made online almost leave me with just only 80$ in my PayPal. Not good considering ordering 4 DVDs in Gmarket in Korea with huge shipping prices. Not good. Anyway, I'm gonna do some new commissions but I will be very slow in every bit. Also, I…

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Sorry if I never did a journal here but I got a bad case of the colds right now. Sore throat and sneezing is my friend, and it is not pretty if it gets worse. It did sadly since of all my family members got the same situation as mine for about a few weeks now. Seriously, unless this cold weather be…

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Now time to get my Priorities Straight

I guess I need to do this journal do I? So I guess I'm all finished on my 10 limited requests even. And now I'm about to set my priorities from here until April since I think I owe a lot of people some art, especially commissions and trades. Now to start, I think my art style is now evolving a lot…

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Limited Requests Open

For commissions, refer to here: https://www.weasyl.com/journal/4196 People, I will open some limited requests so I can expand further on my art skills. There is a obvious reason why I never implemented this anymore because I need to earn something in my life. But if people wanted requests to be bro…

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Financial Troubles. Commissions needed

Well I'm having a bit of money problems recently on my part inn the last few days and I'm actually running short oh cash in a sad way. The last purchase I did almost emptied my paypal account so bad (It's due to I bought a Video card that still didn't arrived in the mail yet). I am again willing to…

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The Season 3 Two Parter

Well to summarize it thought I only watched Part 2 is............Bland. I like the concept but it doesn't have the unmf and whams of the previous season two parters. The Return of Harmony is acceptable due to some magical action. This one feels kinda.....meh. But then if Hasbro amazes me with a thr…