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I don't usually post my Skype publicly due to negative experiences, but I'm going to give this another chance. If anyone is up for a good chitchat now and then, I'd be happy to add you on Skype. My address is serenitytheafghan (don't ask lol). Just be sure to say who you are in the invite! Rules/Ho…

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i have joined the dark side

i have joined....... the dogs. i have a caninesona now that i'm attaching to a bit more than i expected because for the longest time, i've been known among local arizona furries as the bird girl i'm a yote now, urrizoona representin' yip yip arooooo also my shift key is broken. i have my bird to th…

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On Furaffinity, I have watchers. But HERE? I have FOLLOWERS. On Weasyl I am Jesus. go forth my children spread birds upon the world

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sup weasylll

Wull hullo thair! I just got a Weasyl account yesterday evening! I'm a mostly digital artist who has a probably unhealthy amount of personal characters and two that I associate with as fursonas. I love unusual and 'wierd' stuff, like reptiles, bats, monsters/invented creatures, some bugs, and espec…