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Bt2breakskn / Male / Southern California, USA

Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Sometimes
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What an awesome birthday weekend it has been!

Turned 23 today finally got some relaxation in over the 4-day weekend I was granted from work (oh lawd I needed that) Now. Back to the Hospital Grind, the music grind, the photography and film grind and the racing grind. I'm totally not a busy person lel. Thanks for the love guys! :D

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Where have I been you ask? (Massive Update)

While the last year I've been insanely busy with work and music and it seems to continue through this year! However I've hit a massive drawback as of last weekend. My hard drive decided it was time to throw in the towel without giving me much warning. I had backed up all of my videos and images to…

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I need your help in a remix Competition!

Alright SO, I'm in a remix competition, and I need some votes to help me get to the top 4! I need you guys to look for the "Gwi Intro Mix" You can vote for mine, along with anyone else you've liked! But please guys! I need your support!…

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See you at CaliFur, bring your glowsticks people!

That's right! Word on the wire is that I'll be one of the several Talented DJ's playing @ Califur at the Mariot in Irvine! Lets just hope the approve of my demo :o I'll Post more as I find out! Cheers! -Todd

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I am back and I'll be uploading regularly, Massive possibility in new Ref Sheet commissions, while working with another artist. As you guys may have noticed, I've been uploading stuff :D I have a whole new EP album coming soon and will be playing shows down in Los Angeles and Hollywood all through…