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Congrats to Canada's Olympic Women's Hockey Team

20 Consecutive wins in the Olympics. 4 Straight Gold Medals 2 Goals in the final 3 minutes to tie and force the game to OT 1 Power play goal in overtime 1 more Gold medal and Olympic Champions!! Way to go. Canada rules hockey.

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Yeah I'm here

So i haven't moved from FA but I thought I would start uploading some items here. First off are the Pie Fight series. These have been over 10 years in the making and as you see there are a lot of contributing artists. Some do followups to previous pictures, others are newer. Of course Artica is the…

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Ciinnamonhunter is offering an auction commission for kitty vet bills

Hey all, Cinnamonhunter is offering up a commission picture for auction in order to help me with the emergency kitten vet bills. The auction will include the following: 1 picture of 1 character that will be coloured and shaded. More details are at [link] . The auction will run until Saturday, Febru…

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Emergency Kitten Vet Visit

Greer (our Border Collie) and Jynxie (our new kitten) were playing in the living room when Greer knocked aside our barrier for the stairs. By the time I had run over, Jynxie had already gone over the edge. When I got to the bottom she was crying, in pain and limping on her back foot. I didn't see a…