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Border Walker / 29 / Male / New England

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Name Your price Commissions!

Alright guys. Once again I need to remind everyone that I am open for Commissions! As it is, even with tax returns I cannot afford enough to really get a car easily, and need some extra cash to help offset the prices, or at least help in saving up for it. as well as other nice things. So, I will be…

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Trading Post, For Artists!

So here's the deal guys. started a group based around doing art each month or so, and you should check it out. After talking to the staff, I went ahead and started the Trading Post group on the Weasyl forums: https://forums.weasyl.com/vbulletin/group.php?groupid=37 If you're not familiar with this,…

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Win Free art from Poecat, see link

One of my favorite Artists, Poecat, is offering Freebie images to three people chosen at random. Head on over to the journal linked below to see for yourself~! https://www.weasyl.com/journal/33434/win-a-freebie-image

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Spare Cash for Money and Food! Comissions!

So! I recently returned to Massachusetts, indefinetly, and acquired a Part Time job about a half hour from where I currently am residing. Fine and Dandy, except I am Dirt poor. the person who is graciously letting me leech off him, Frosty, is as said, letting me mooch off him for food when I'm here…