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Bobcatt / male / Tucson, Arizona

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Many Thanks!

A few thanks for sending out a Core Membership on DA, the many who wished me a Happy Birthday, New Year and XXXmass. slowly getting computer issue dealt with have the new HD but the one that failed had a lot of recent work was slated for my Patreon and DA accounts. Will not be attending the Texas F…

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Why people suck

lol, today was chilling at my fave nude beach in second life when some twat jumped on my lounger and started using the sex poses. No hi how are you or anything just cycling the preloaded poses programmed in the furniture, I'm assuming they thought I was afk. So switched to really a big naked male d…

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TFF 2017

Back from the con. The con was great got to see some friends, even BlackRabbit trade some sketches turn in a few I owed from the last con seeing folks that wanted them were there..

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Patreon site and support

Yeah on Patreon, having had to rebuild a dead computer twice, now three times, it still struggling on lot of my art projects, many of which are 3D and it just not holding up like it used to lot of my software is in dire need of replacement or updates, which of course they charge for. The content st…

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Codecadamy Coder trainng

was talking to a friend who works on educational site on sl she shot me this link it was interesting

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Well this will not end well but fitting 3d site seeing my gallery was hosed for having 3d stuff on it.. So, rather poetic

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Free art program

A friend pointed out this art program he works on was cool little set up and even better free.

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Well here I be

Forgot all about I had made this account after my FA gallery got the hose so will maybe put my stuff here that cannot be shown on DA..