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BlurTheFur / 34 / Male / Montreal, Quebec

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Trades: Sometimes
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Holiday Stream 2018: INFO + FORM

Hey, everyone! 'Tis the season for giving! So, every year I host a free art stream a little before Christmas. Last year I came up with the idea of nominating someone you feel deserves gift art with an optional reason. It truly got me into the Christmas spirit and went so well that I've decided to d…

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Holiday Stream tomorrow! INFO

Heyyy there! Just a heads up! I'll be doing a Christmas/Holiday stream tomorrow (December 23rd). Like the Halloween stream, there will likely be shenanigans and also FREEBIES. It'll be divided in 2 portions: ~2 PM EST onwards will be SFW ~9 PM EST onwards will be 18+ There will be a break between t…

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Name change and uploading again

Heya folks, Just a quick journal to say, "Hey, I'm not dead!". Changed my name cause I'm pretty much "BlurTheFur" everywhere else so may as well stay consistent. Gonna be putting an active effort into uploading works/organizing things when I get home from my day job and dedicate about an hour to it…

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What Happens Next

So there we have it. 100 daily doodles. It's not hard for me to draw often, but to go through the effort of coloring every one, to upload every day. That required some effort. The goal of the daily doodles were to practice my main 3 weaknesses: Discipline. I have far too little of it. I have the ty…

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Title is self explanatory. Raffle here: Wouldn't mind a fursuit head. I don't think I'd ever buy one myself (if anything, I'd make one if it came to that. DIY kinda guy and all.) Still! They make some quality stuff, it seems…

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Yoshi Day? Whaaaa

So today's apparently #YoshiDay and I totally had no idea that was a thing! Clearly this means I totally have to retroactively tag those last Yoshi images I submitted not so long ago... OR I could draw more Yoshi. There can never be too much Yoshi!