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Well that's it then.

Dear Friends, I've recently found out that the scanner control program on my computer uses Flash and as many of you might know Flash is no longer supported. This unfrotunately means I will not be able to scan any pictures for a while, perhaps not for a long, long time. It's a real shame because I w…

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Now BlueBellBusCo.

Dear Friends, So the changes to this profile are going forward, as many of you already know I've changed my username to BlueBellBusCo. as a response to the bus company Omni and Met founded after they were married and this profile will be dedicated to that. My TheLokieRoo pictures which I've posted…

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Happy New Year!

Dear Friends, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year but unfortunately I will be missing the beginning of 2021 because I have to go to work early tomorrow. But 2020 has been an awful year so far all starting with Coronavirus coming out then troubles arose with b…

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R.I.P. Dawn Wells 1938 - 2020

Dear Friends, It seems we lost another Gilligan's Island star today. It's Dawn Wells who played Mary Ann, she left at the age of 82. Her publicist says that her death could be related to Covid-19. She died in her nursing home on December 30, 2020. Mary Ann was known for cooking for all the castaway…

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Changes could be coming to this profile.

Dear Friends, I haven't posted anything on my Weasyl profile for a long time but I'm so behind on posting artwork here and I'm not going to post any of that because I have a new laptop and my old one which most of my pictures are on is no longer functioning right which I why I ended up with a new o…

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I'm on my Holiday!

Dear Friends, I'm on my holiday and I've done so much already but at last we've come to a caravan park that has Wi-Fi and so this means I finally have a chance to communicate with all of you. Anyway I'm currently in Casron City just south from Reno Nevada USA and we're off North homeward bound. Thi…

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Sorry for the Inactiveness

Dear Friends, Sorry I've been so inactive here lately but for a while I lost my password to this profile and I haven't been back ever since. I'm actually thinking about shutting down this profile since I've never really done much here but I have plenty of artwork to go around on both Furaffinity an…