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You can't be creative if you're afraid of being wrong.
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Return to Music?

I've been away from composing music for a long time, but I've slowly been getting back in with the Korg Gadget. I'm still a litte nervous about posting compositions... for those who still follow me here, would me posting music WIPs be welcome or should I save that for a more informal environment? I…

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Is Sign In messed up?

I seem to get signed out constantly - I've been away from Weasyl for a little while, did something happen with signing in?

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Chibis, Character Busts and Full Body Traditional Commissions

My Surface Pro is shattered, and it seems this is the last I can do anything about it. I am now without my work machine, permanently. As a result, I am opening Traditional commissions to be done live on stream or in private if that's what you prefer. I will be doing SFW & NSFW commissions - send me…

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Music Collaborations, Commission Status and Future Plans

Where I've been Hello folks! I've been away for a while because my computer broke. I ended up getting some help to pick up my new machine, since the learn3DSmusic fundrazr made it only about 55% of the way. I'm currently taking commissions to make up the rest of the money, but I am still working on…

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Fundrazr Update

I'm running a Fundrazr Campaign to make 3DS Music tutorials with the KORG M01D and now the KORG DSN-12. So far, things have been running slowly, but I've been getting some help thanks to everyone's support! Today, Nobuyoshi Sano, the director of the KORG M01D, DSN-12 and of Detune, backed my Fundra…

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Fundrazr to teach kids to make music with the 3DS

I need a bit of help. I've been planning a series of tutorial videos to teach the kids I work with the rudiments of music composition using KORG m01d, and with suggestions from followers on various websites, I've decided to make a more full featured tutorial set that will go into all the various te…

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Special Birthday Pixel Pricing!

$12 Sprite Birthday Special Hello folks! Yesterday was my birthday, so I temporarily reduced the price of pixel art commissions to celebrate. The stream ended up being cut a bit shorter than I wanted, since my asthma acted up and I needed to go to the hospital. As a result, I am extending the speci…

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On Works in Progress

Question -- I intend to begin uploading WIP music, including short ideas or bits of songs I'm having trouble with. How short is too short to upload here? Would you guys be annoyed with me for posting unfinished music? I've admittedly been nervous about resuming my music uploads on my tumblr, even t…

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On New Beginnings

Hello, I am BLK MKT. (He is everywhere, doing Everything) I've got to say, I've always admired the technology behind Weasyl. It's a little rough around the edges in the UI/UX department ( Why can't I add new folders when I'm making a submission? ) but it's still good stuff. I don't quite fit in her…

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On Crunchy Riffs

Watching the trailer for this game http://store.steampowered.com/app/252030/ reminds me that I never figured out how to make bass and guitar riffs like that. I don't personally know a lot of musicians that I have enough access to when I try to do this, and it's hard for me to even describe what I'm…

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Aisle #03 - Welcome back!

Gracious! All of a sudden everyone I follow on tumblr seems to be rushing back here. I'm not going to be ready to post anywhere until my relaunch in February, but I think I'm go pay attention to Weasyl and avoid neglecting it. If there's a way to wipe galleries and do it over though, that would be…

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Aisle #02 - Intimidated Composers, Intimidated artists

Hello Weasyl! An unexpected thing I gained on this site is the ability to talk to folks who compose music. I'm an amateur composer myself, having picked it up as a hobby a few years back, but I'm at an unfortunate stage with this hobby. I know enough to make somewhat decent music, but not enough to…

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Aisle #01 - HELLO WORLD

Hello World! I'm quite impressed with Weasyl so far! All it needs is a built in drawing tool a la dA Muro and it would cover my every need.