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Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed’s avatar


idk if anyone's around to read this but Okay since I have a separate prnz account I went through and got rid of all submissions rated 18+ sexual or whatever. If you had a collection of something and want it back let me know and I'll put it up on my other account. Sorry~ and yes, I'm alive :P and lo…’s avatar


this is just sad. I put up several pieces of porn on FA and I get 12 favs and 5 watches within the hour. I put up almost all of my porn on weasyl and i get nothing. Only one follow and I think they're following me here to begin with. I think I'm gonna quit weasyl. sorta. I'm gonna come back here at…’s avatar


Heyyy so I've decided that porn is running rampant in my art sites and I kind of want to separate them from my normal stuff in case the porn becomes my identity. And just for cleanliness. My nsfw account is blissypronz and i'll be slowly taking down porn from this account and putting up porn in tha…’s avatar


Okay I think I'm opening commissions again for shiggles because right now I'm hyperproductive and this would be a good time to get things done really quickly and I need more stuff to do. SO. I will be taking three commissions assuming i can actually trick that many people into liking my art enough…’s avatar

I liveee (again)

Welp. Hi. I think I'm back on the social side of stuff. I started abilify and I think that's making me feel a shitton better and everyone has noticed sooooo let's hope that it keeps going. I feel so great compared to how I was feeling ;ω; and I met with some fancy people to help me get a hold of my…’s avatar


Okay this is kind of just an update that I AM ACTUALLY ALIVE. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. But seriously. I'm not dead, I'm just having some problems still. I haven't posted any art and likely won't for a while because I'm going through this really weird block where I can draw beautiful hands but I cannot pu…’s avatar


HUEHUEHUEHUE I HAVE WATERCOLORS NOW >:3c we shall see where i go with them starting in the next few days cuz i need a real space to work with them cuz my current desk is a kind of awkward place to sit bUT THEN’s avatar


i think i might open for commissions as soon as im done with these requests and im over my art block and my life is a liiiiittle bit more together assuming anyone will actually want a commission from me :v BUT in the off chance that someone DOES I might as well say this now and repeat it later I WO…’s avatar


Il a commencer à flirter avec moi ;3c je l'adore <3 il n'est le plus beau mais il est très gentil et je l'adore quand nous prétendons que nous soyons ensemble et je pose ma tête sur sa poitrine et écoute son cœur jusqu'à je m'endors et il baise ma tête et hhhhhhh Et la partie meilleure est qu'il n'…’s avatar

i hate boys [gross sobbing]’s avatar


my banner keeps disappearing and i have no clue why ????’s avatar

nsfw account

I think if my gallery gets above 25% porn im gonna make an nsfw account although i have so few followers at the moment that it doesn't make a ton of difference if i start getting mroe then yeah’s avatar

im so skilled

I am the master of unintentional procrastination I've decided that I will begin teaching this fine art to any students willing to learn next week’s avatar

go me

There's something about not being capable of talking to someone simply because I'm attracted to him that makes me rather distressed. Especially when I know we have a million things we could talk about. And even more when he then torments my mind for hours and keeps me from doing work. Which is due…’s avatar

kutner ;~;

this show is not okay and i am not okay ; ∩ ; I think I'm gonna cry myself to sleep now’s avatar


[intense sobbing and inhuman noises]’s avatar


the writers of house are pure evil the most pure evil there is i hate them i hate them so much i have never cried harder over anything not irl i was fucking sobbing i hate this show so much’s avatar


I'm back. Sorta. Mostly. I guess. yeah. ANYWAY FUN STUFF I finally did one commission so NOW I AM TAKE MORE I shall take 3 commissions only because I have lots of stuff going on and because of that stuff going on I have to warn you that it may take me a week or two (hopefully less) depending on wha…’s avatar


im having problems so probably a bunch or all of this is bullshit i say because i feel upset but when i first came to the furry community i made a few friends and then they got v popular and never spoke to me again and then i make other friends and they forget about me too but then they have a fest…’s avatar


I’m caught between believing people who tell my I’ll be able to figure it all out and people who tell me I need to look at and believe the cold, hard truth. Although at this point in life I think neither is actually the right way. I think the world fits somewhere in between the two. I feel like you…’s avatar


its so great when life just decides to beat us up as such im going on hiatus for a while my skype is lupusarctus and my personal tumblr is bliss-in-oblivion you can talk to me either of those places if you want to know more’s avatar


Now that I have a tablet, I'm gonna finish up a few of the requests and commissions I have, then I'll open for commissions if I can. I have school starting next week so I may not open for commissions until that's all sorted out, but we'll see.’s avatar




i think this is the first time in my life ive felt confident about my art it's an amazing feeling ; v ; Blehbleh i cant wait for my tablet ; v ;’s avatar


I just watched someone play the first two nights of Five Nights at Freddy's And on the second one, he lost I'm pretty sure I just had a heart attack Edit: you might want to brace for 5NAF fan art for a little while :>’s avatar

commissions what

wowowow okay someone actually asked to commission me they have yet to tell me what they want but I just o~o I was not expecting this to be a real thing wow’s avatar


I found an old $100 check I now have enough for a new tablet Tablet ordered. >:3c HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE I am extremely excited.’s avatar

Uni apps are scary

Sigh University apps are scary My friend managed to help me figure out a good idea of what to write, but I'm scared of how everything is going to end up Maybe I'm too attached to plans and this is me caring too much about the future and I need to let it go sigh and it feels like my bipolar disorder…’s avatar


もっと、もっとtumblr人はWeasylにくると聞いて悲しくなりますよ。Weasylは最後のtumblrが障らなかった所と思った :c 今怖いんだよ。今どこも行けない。SJWはどこでもいる ;~; 逃げられない。Sigh.’s avatar


It's like he goes out of his way to make passive aggressive remarks. I don't even know what I did to convince him that I was worth antagonizing so much. And thanks to him I've been pushed into a depressive episode. I should applaud him. Excellent work. Ugh. I don't even know what to do about it eit…’s avatar

new sketchbook wooo

wooo i got a new sketchbook and a kneaded eraser ; v ; wootwoot helps a little to take my mind off stuff btw if any of my friends on here ever want to show sympathy or help me feel better all you need to do is send an internet hug anything as simple as that helps a lot’s avatar


I've been poking around with ideas and whatnot and I HAVE DECIDED I HEREBY CHALLENGE MYSELF TO CREATE A SHORT (10 page at most? maybe?) COMIC (plot not the most important, although additional points for a plot of sorts) THAT CONTAINS MANY CREEPY ELEMENTS WITHOUT BEING GOREY OR CHEESY y'all should g…’s avatar

local news is so dumb

they spent 10 minutes discussing in detail a minor car crash in which nobody was injured but they had to go through all possible causes or people involved, including their relatives sometimes it's like a comedy show too: "A woman was bitten by a monkey outside a pizzeria"’s avatar


bipolar disorder is spectacularly shitty’s avatar


hands piss me off theyre so complicated and can do so many things so theyre so hard to draw and then on top of that they look awkward in real life so half the time i cant tell if im drawing the hand wrong or if its just so awkward that it doesnt matter how well i draw it its going to look awkward s…’s avatar


Okay so a while ago I was looking at art guides, etc. yeah yeah and someone had a great guide on How to Draw Anything: Draw it 100 times. SO. I really need to work on my hands and I've decided to do this challenge. I'm watching episodes of DW and pausing at scenes that I can see the hands well and…’s avatar

WOO BROKEN TABLET WOOoowait thats not good news

motherfucker I believe my tablet is officially broken >:c Ah, the joy. Ugh. Even if it's not broken, I'm tired of it working only 25% of the time and I'm ready to get a new tablet instead >:c It's pissing me off. Sigh. I CANT WORK LIKE THIS literally’s avatar


art is hard im having trouble drawing heads at different angles, body perspective, and backs in general. blurgh. ialso need to study how clothing folds if i want to do this comic thing i swear im going to do >:c’s avatar


woooo i think im starting to actually return to art like without failing miserably that'd be awesome yeah :u’s avatar


Mmnnyurrhh you guys should read that comic it's absolutely perfect anyway im still going to try to do a yaoi doujin huehuehue im finally legally allowed to do it ;3c although it'll probably be another one of my projects that i start and then stop halfway through and never actually finish cuz i have…’s avatar


wow its been so long since ive been here ahahahahahah this is awkward for me at least idk about anyone who reads this so yeah im gonna work on a yaoi doujin and nobody can stop me except maybe the government but fak u :v’s avatar


Geez I keep doing this. Er. Sorry :c Baaaaaaaaaaaasically I was still having issues annnnnnddd I ended up just blocking out everyone from my life except for abouuuuuuttttttttt four people? And two were my therapist and my mum :s So. I also felt ignored by this place. And bad about my art. And I fel…’s avatar


... I exist. Sort of. A little bit. In a sense of the word. Yeah. Uh. Sorry. I totally did that wrong. I should have not done that. Basically, I have bipolar in case you didn't know that and at one point my sleep schedule got way off and that triggered the brain chemistry so that I was incapable of…’s avatar


seey'all later’s avatar

Well poop

I've totally not been on at all for the past week or so, haven't I? That's poop :C I've been superduper busy with schoolwork and such and then on top of that my sleppytime schedule has been way wack which is giving me nasty bipolar episodes which BLOWS if you didn't already know and then I also got…’s avatar


I'm feeling somewhat better now. I might as well say happy things so that I'm not a constant downer. next week i get to be a stereotypical teenage girl for the first time ; U ; my friends and I are going to the mall maybe we'll go back to my house afterwards and watch mean girls we're gonna spend t…’s avatar

sick is poopy

im sick but i have a calc quiz tomorrow that i cant miss :c i feel poopy. i think imma just go for that one period and leave. cuz my head hurts. i should have sleppy times too. but. ughea;jfsdkjf;ald. and i feel bad about my art rn :c i spent all evening trying to do things and having them not come…’s avatar

I haaaveeee....

Pizza! of the deep dish kind! And new tablet pen nibs! Ooh that's exciting. But somehow I managed to order 10 instead of just 5? But they're standard so they'll just last me until I die. Which is cool too. Just thought you guys should know. :3’s avatar


Sorry to make three angsty posts in a row :c Maybe I should preface my today problems with the joys I have experienced recently My friends are fucking awesome. I told them I was having issues with my bipolar and every one of them was super nice and helpful and caring. Especially one of them. I love…’s avatar

bipolar wooo

yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy i guess my bipolar is acting up again. i should talk to my doctor about my meds. i feel like fucking shit for no good reason. this sucks balls.’s avatar


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I think I'm gonna start a comic. I already have ideas for the exposition and the characters and a few plot ideas but Idunno what the whole plot will be ;c I'm afraid of making it too big. Ohwell. We'll see. Hopefully I'll finish it this time xP’s avatar


GRRARRRARRARRRRARAAAAAAAARRARARAAARRRR //dinosaur noises ... //sighs dramatically My emotions about my art and y'know stuff are really annoying ;c I keep fluctuating between "wowowooowoww ive come so far my art looks so cool compared to y'know the past and hey it looks pretty good over all too!" an…’s avatar

Get to know you journal! Ahahaha

This seems like something dumb enough that I would do it :u I promise that I have answered all of these questions honestly <: What's your real name? Yahweh has given. How tall are you? 0.000000000011885217637038 astronomical units What's your natural hair color? ddinrotlyb What's your eye color? 緑と…’s avatar

requests! omg

Omgomgomgomgomgomomg so I decided that I might as well put myself out there to do requests and I got requested to do an anthro version of this. It is the absolute cutest thing ever ; U ; And it's so much fun to draw! Omg im having so much fun im so happy I opened requests ; v ;’s avatar


OMG LOL MY FRIEND MADE ME MAKE AN ART FB PAGE LMFAO AAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAnyway Uhm. Hello 3 followers. Who are you? :3 --edit-- ooh shoot there are four of yo now :U’s avatar


アーーーーーーーー暇なんですよ...何もしなくてしたくないんだ...えっと、ワッチャが三人いるね?お前たちはお元気ですか :U どうしたらぼくのワッチャになったの?ぼくはばかだって思うんだ :I けどお前たちはばかじゃない!お前のした事はばかです。<: anyway uhm. yeah. hi. this is a journal yes.