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bkatt500 / 27 / Female

Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Closed
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Where am I? Also Califur.

So in light of certain recent events I figure it’s a good idea to share where else I am. dA: sofurry: fa: furrynetwork: (I honestly really, really dislike…

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Fursuit Commission?

I'm kind of interesting in taking one partial fursuit commission over winter. It'd be fairly inexpensive- $300-$400 for a head, tail, paws, and a half-shirt, plus concept art. I'll make it to the best of my abilities, but I am still fairly new and I can be a slow worker at times. So yeah, if you're…

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Patreon and Commission Info

As well as offering commissions, I have opened a Patreon! You can view it and pledge support to it here! I am still offering commissions and will be until I have my emotional support animal. As a reminder my prices are: Hourly Commission Prices: 1-3 Hours- $10 p…

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Commissions for Emotional Support Dog?

I am trying to get an emotion support dog, but still need some preparation. If I opened up commissions to help buy some dog stuff, would anybody take them? They'd be digital, between 7000x7000 9000x9000 px (can be resized). For the price, I'm considering either having a price-per-hour so people cou…

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Tails for Tablet Troubles

Alright, so now, since my tablet seems to have crapped out, I’m going to try to get some money to get a new one. I'm selling two tails that I made, a red fox and a raccoon. Neither have been worn aside from indoors to test movement and appearance. The raccoon is all ready to be sent off, and I’ll b…

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Selling Raccoon Tail!

I'm going to be selling this nice, fluffy, swishy raccoon tail! I'll get some more pictures of it up soon, but in the meantime, here's a video! Because of all the stripes, I want at least $30 for it, not including shipping. It is reasonably sturdy, has a foam skeleton inside, two belt-loops, and wi…

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I've finished setting up this account! I am also and