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biobasher / 23 / Male / United Kingdom

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Emergency Commissions!

I've never had to post one of these, and hopefull will never have to do so again in the future. So uni's back on and money's already flying out my ass at the speed of sound! I've got a phone that's practically down for the count and needs a replacement, and a passport that needs to be updated so I…

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Happy new year folks! Lets have a good 2019

This years been quite exciting personally. I'm finally on a university course I can get behind. Health's been getting better both physically and mentally (started keto) and motivation/productivity has been ramping up exponentially as a result :D! Now. Going into 2019. I've got a few things planned…

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Patreon 5$ sketch tier!

I've got a sketch poll for all $5 Patreon backers. This months options are: Dragon Princess, Cow, Snakes, Succubus, Werewoof. These monthly polls are going to be patron exclusive content for that month. Link: Posted using PostyBirb