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BenjiPaws / Male / United States

Deez Knots.
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More Frequent Posts

So, I've been a little late posting my new content here. Like, as long as a few weeks after uploading to FA and DA. 'Cause posting to multiple sites can be a pain. But I'm going to try to post my stuff here sooner rather than later. I got this chrome extension which is supposed to help me crosspost…

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So... Here I am

Heya! You might know me as Benji-Fox (Or Marshall-Fox) from DeviantArt and FurAffinity! Or, you might not. I dunno. But anyway, I heard this site went out of beta not too long ago, and decided "Hmm, you know what? I'm gonna post here too." And voila, here I am. I posted a handful of my art here to…