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what the fuck dude
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plz add me on telegram

i've wanted to leave skype ever since it existed as a thing tbh telegram has the potential to be really good it just can't turn into another google plus, ie, everyone's too lazy to move over to a new service because the one we have now is fine so yeah if you wanna add me lemme know??? my name is lo…

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whoa, hey guys

suddenly a lot (well, a lot for me anyway!) of people started watching me--i don't know where you came from but i'm glad you're here! hopefully i won't disappoint you all too bad, ahah...

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i can't believe i never wrote a single journal entry on here yet

trying to decide if it's a good idea to just like... rush the production of a porn comic in a week because i know i'm never going to do it if i don't force myself or give myself a deadline but the thing is that comics take a lot of preplanning and i've never written one before...