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Carter / 30 / Female / United States

Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Open
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Service Dog Fundraiser - Anything Helps-

To help out my boyfriend with his campaign, I am offering $5.00 full detailed Character busts/badges! Examples: http://www.furaffin…

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$5 Detailed Character Busts -Please help-

To help out my boyfriend, I am offering $5.00 full detailed Character busts/badges! Examples:…

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Hanging Badge Buddies! Custom Hanging Badge Buddies hold and carry your con badge with ease and give any old character a bit of flare! Completed Badges are laminated and equipped with clip to hold badge sleeve and necklace (which is included.…

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Half Price Badges!

Im cutting my badge prices in half! Detailed Badges - $7.00 Flat Color - $5.00 Inked Only - $3.00 Sketch - $1.00 Interested? Check out my work in my gallery and Message me! Im also offering Full Body Character, flat color for $15! Also~ Help my friend out please~…

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Badge Commissions

Im taking badge commissions but just not only digital. Check out the links for more options _ Digital _ Perler Character…

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Taking Badge Commissions

Check out my Badge Commission Info And message me if your interested.

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Bats Free Collar Giveaway!!! & Free Friends Themed Art

Bats Is setting up a Free Collar Giveaway ~ why not go check him out!! Arinaca has posted a Free Art~Friends Addition journal post. Why not go give it a look see!

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Free Badges & $5 Badge Commissions

I know Ive been absent about badges as of Late: things have been busy and stressful but I am now back and still taking requests for free badges. For a free character bust badge like these;…

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Free Badges!!

Im still taking free badges! Just send me a friendly message with a Hi, a reference of your character and I'll add you to the list. Simple and easy lol Badge List 1. CherryRainBlossom 2. DalmyDog 3. Tiontalove420

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Still alive, kicking and taking free badge requests!

Hey y'all I know I haven't been around or posting things for a little while now but I have a excuse >u< Lately Ive been alittle busy with family and friends and Ive been under some stress both the good and bad but things have been calming down and I should be able to get back to working on badges a…

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Free Character Badges

Starting to take requests for Free Character Profile Badges. Just send me reference pictures of the character you want drawn. Request List 1. Raja the Tiger 2. Bats 3. 4. 5.

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Free Profile Badges and Commissions

Still taking Free Character Profile Badges. All Slots are open! Request List 1. Railerat 2. RED Demowolf 3. 4. 5. Im also open to taking commissions. For a price, message me and we can discuss details.

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Bring Duke Home/SWANV

There isn't much to do; Please, just check out to find out how you can help a great, growing cause.

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Free Character Profile Badges

Still taking Free Character Profile Badges. All Slots are open! Request List 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Completed Badges 1. Nicktheroo > Complete 2. YumiBoxer > Complete 3. Psycopancake > Complete

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A Friend in Need

LeeLee is a very good friend of mine and is in need of some help. Please, Do what you can: Spread the word and Donate.

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Free Character Badge Requests *4 Slots Open*

Since I’m new to Weasyl and I don't have much submitted to the site, I wanna start taking free character badge requests to keep my muse and my mind busy. There isn’t going to be many this first time around, only 5 slots are open but more will open up. It's first come, first serve until my 5 slots a…