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Emergency Commissions Open

So as some of you may know, just yesterday I lost my job. This is incredibly bad timing, since I just returned from a pretty big road trip to Texas. I've got $1100 on my credit card to pay off, and a $300 phone bill hanging over my head. While I'm not broke, this is a lot to deal with at once. As s…

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A lack of updates

I know I haven't posted much in a while. but I'm really not doing so good right now. Idea's aren't coming to me as easily as they used to. I need to take a little time ad recharge, and maybe try and get some help with my personal issues. I've wanted to try and get back into drawing for myself, but…

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Major Depression/Major Overhaul

So, a couple things to go over. As a few of your might have noticed (or probably didn't), Roxy and Will are no longer part of my cast. The reason for this is because, as I had stated on their profiles, they belonged to a friend of mine who had allowed me to use them. Recently this friendship ended…

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Now Doing Story Commissions

Hey all! Decided that its finally time I open up for story commissions. I love story writing, so I thought I'd offer my skills to anyone who would want them. Prices are as follows. It's $10 for a 5 page story, plus an extra $2 for each page after that. If it's an adult-orientated story, that's an e…

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Yes, that's right, I've finally re-opened for commissions. Send me a note if you are interested. Prices listed below. PRICES: Sketch: $3 Ink: $5 Flat Color: $10 Shaded: $15 Background: +$5 Additional Characters: +$2