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Katbox and new webcomic applications!

The Katbox is currently preparing to open a season for webcomic applications! Be sure to read this thread and prepare your pitch if you are interested: http://forums.katbox.net/threads/katbox-will-be-opening-for-new-applications-see-thread.11920/ Best of luck guys!

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Well... back to weasyl. Other accounts and were to find me!

Hello everyone! Well i was looking for an excuse to make a new journal since the last one was from a very long time ago. XD I just wanted to share some of my other accounts in case you were interested in following!! **Fur Affinity- ** http://www.furaffinity.net/user/avencri/ I got basically the sam…

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Patreon for my webcomics at Katbox.net

Hello everyone. It took me a bit but i got several news. This particular update this huge because it is actually two weeks worth of content that i had to set back due to a whole set of reasons that messed up the schedule of my comics. Working on a newspaper you prepare notes in advance, but then yo…

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New comics at Katbox!!

The Katbox welcomes two new additions, UberQuest & Our World! Check out the news post here: http://forums.katbox.net/threads/the-katbox-bolsters-its-ranks-once-again.8979/

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Katbox Twitter

Hello everyone! I will just like to announce that Katbox.net now has an official twitter account for updates and site news that you can follow. https://twitter.com/Katbox_Comics "Welcome to the Katbox's new Twitter account! Follow here for news and updates!" The account is still new and in need of…

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Hello guys! I am starting a streaming session. Gonna be doodling for fun and maybe taking some quick commissions. You can follow me at: http://www.livestream.com/Crisald

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Get to know me (Meme)

What's your real name? Hugo How tall are you? 5.83 feet What's your natural hair color? I was born as a blonde but over time my hair darkened and it is currently a dark brown. What's your eye color? Dark Brown What's your orientation? Straight Male Are you single, taken or undecided? Single What do…

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Welcome everyone!

Hello everyone! I just want to thank you all new watchers for adding me. I am still unsure of what to do exactly on this site. I have been here for more than a year and i am surprised at the amount of traffic my gallery has received these past few days. I am happy to welcome you all. Also, i am ope…

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Opening Commissions! CLOSED

Hello everyone! Just noticing that i am about to open 4 commission spots. Digital Colors with Abstract Background $ 50.00 These take more time for me to make, and same as the inked piece. I won't move forward until the client approves the sketch. Digital Colors with Background $ 70.00 The more elab…

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Flood is over

Just noting you guys that the mass uploads are done. I will be updating regularly in the future. =D

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Regarding The Flooding

I realized that it might get annoying to fill the whole Bustchart in one go and i don't want to be an inconvenience to the people on this site. So i have decided to just post them in several batches once per week until i got them all. That way it should lessen any problem i might cause. My OCD kind…

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Just some Notices

Hello! Just to say a couple of things before settling for good. 1- While i love the Friend option i also find it a bit difficult to manage. I will only add people i know so please don't take it personal if i ignore your request. I just prefer to actually know the people i have in that option. 2- I…

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Hello! A friend of mine sent me an invite and i am currently just testing this new little art corner. =3