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Autumn / 26 / Female / My Cave

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Hey hey

Whats up everybody? I kinda forgot about weasyl but hopefully maybe I'll be back now? Yeah

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Artdump incoming!!

Here comes the art whoa watch out zoom!!! Er Anyway if you want my art when it happens please follow my tumblr

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I've been neglecting this place a million sorries. I've been updating my wysp (same name) more often... I'm gonna upload a thing now (and maybe more when it isn't late).

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Flight Rising

Really good!!!! Yes!!! Dragons!!! Lair We can be like dragon friends or something. Because dragons are cool.

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I just got an e-mail invite to an art-sharing/portfolio website called Artician, I don't suppose anyone knows about it?

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Aaaaaand done!

My class submitted our AP Studio Art portfolios today!!! Fingers crossed uwu

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Sorry about the artdump, I just have been meaning to join this site for a while, but was always afraid to ask someone I didn't know very well for an invite. And, when it did open I was pretty late on the uptake. Anyway, hello! I'm Autumn, I'm currently a Highschool senior and I have been accepted i…