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Glopossum / 29 / sugoi boi / Boulder, CO

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Ding Dong Dormant

Hey folks, for the time being, I'm not going to update my account on this website due to inactivity. You can reach me at the following websites! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/aixarata/ https://beta.furrynetwork.com/ataraxia/ http://aixarata.tumblr.com/

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As y'all have probably already been experiencing, I'm going to be getting this gallery up to speed with all the stuff I've made in the past year or so! Shouldn't be too much though, I've been way more focused on music than art for a good while now! :V

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Open for commissions! [CLOSED]

School's lightened up considerably in the past couple weeks, and with spring break coming up in a few weeks, I'll have plenty of free time to spend drawing! :3 So, I'm opening up for a few slots to do over the next few weeks! Shaded stuff like this will be $40, plus $10 for another character - http…

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Cheap lil' experimental commissions! [CLOSED]

I'm looking to flex my artist muscles! Nothing like some little experimental commissions to mess around with styles/colors/everything else. So, stuff kind of like this, except I'll probably flesh these commissions out a bit more: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/479771/peaco Clean preferred (not f…

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Taking ONE Commission [CLOSED]

Will look something like this! - https://www.weasyl.com/submission/394975/stretchy-bunny $40 for one character, $50 for two! Also kinda testing how receptive Weasyl is to my commission offers. :v I kinda want to start working immediately, so, whoever comments first gets the slot, I s'pose (unless t…

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Get to know meme

You wanted another one of these? Of course not. Here it is though. What's your real name? Connor, which is neat because it means something like "of the wolfkin" How tall are you? About 6'0", still not as tall as boyfriendo. What's your natural hair color? Dark thick gross brown What's your eye colo…

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Home sweet hoooome

Might not mean much to you folks, but I just set Weasyl as my homepage (as opposed to FA). BIG DEAL FOR ME >:V

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Favorite band suddenly put out a new song and it's real good :') http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRazgMj_cfE

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Hey there newcomers!

Hey folks! Just letting you guys know that if you've ever commissioned me before, send me a note and I'll send you a collection offer for your commission! :3 In the meantime, enjoy the site, and be sure to follow folks and comment on lots of things! This website won't take off unless we're all acti…

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Hey Folks!

I know that FA being back online is usually the cue for artists to migrate back over to the mothership, but I'm going to stick around and keep up with this place to the best of my abilities. I was thinking of posting low-res versions of my stuff over to FA and high-res stuff over here for the sake…

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Going to be submitting all the stuff I've done since May over here throughout the day! Expect a ton of pictures from me. :V

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See you at MFF

Look for these dorks: http://i.imgur.com/64kpx.jpg Muuuultiiiipass!

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MFF Meme

Yeah, I'm bringing meme's over to Weasyl. Fuck. Staying at: The main hotel! So excited! :D How are you traveling? By plane, should be getting there Thursday afternoon. Who are you rooming with? spiralstaircase, Raemuz, and Dogteeth Who will you be with? Me and Spiral are always con-buddies. Where w…

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All Settled In!

I've my gallery all submitted and thinned out, my characters up to date and submitted, and my commission prices in order. Time to kick back and check out what this website can do! >:V Also, man, thanks for all the watches already, dudes! Also, would you guys be opposed to me uploading some tunes he…

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Finally made it onto Weasyl! Christ, I'm editing my profile and the amount of useful features here is just fucking exciting. I'm dying. :'> Expect a submission flood within the next couple days!