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ArtofZod / I <3 women / London

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Using Photos as backgrounds for art - Without Permission!?

Just a view on what others think on this subject, I came across a piece on the Facebook artists group of an artist using a background image taken from a photographer on DA naturally most of this photographer's work has the usual copyright/do not edit/etc however this particular photo he mentions th…

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Forgot I had a weasyl account, many thanks to those that wish to follow me, I will get around to returning a thanks to each of you, I do take the time to look through people's galleries, really impressive stuff

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Weasyl's Submission update page is like FA?

Seems soon as I upload something, a simple page refresh, it pushes my latest update 3-6 slots along, that isnt good, doesnt allow any user to view my latest stuff before it vanishes into oblivion, they need to find a way of maybe allowing new submissions to remain at least for an hour or two before…

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So it begins

Just putting the recent work that deserves to be here, want to try and put content in better order than just dump it into one place! Welcome to any new followers, be sure to follow me also on Twitter!