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Almost time for turkey legs! Er, AnthrOhio, yeah!!! :D

For those of you going to AnthrOhio I'll see ya there! I'll be flying in on Thursday. Friday will be my busy day. 3-4pm Opening Ceremonies. 4-5pm GOH Meet/Q&A hour. 5-6pm I have my own panel happening. The panel I'm hosting is - Pro Non-Pro: the survival of the uncategorized a…

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No worries, I'm still alive! :D

Last year was a bit crazy busy and so far this one has been too. After starting the day job, I haven't been doing as much art. It was a needed break, though I haven't been doing nothing. I kind of got sucked into my writing, and its not the sort of thing I can share so readily online as I can with…

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Long time without a big journal update so here goes!

Okay, wow, so its been a while. Just as I got used to the day job, we went into our busy time of year and I picked up extra hours. Its a physically demanding job (its like being paid to go to the gym for serious) and sometimes checking into online galleries is the last thing on my life of daily to-…

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I'll be milling about on Saturday. Just driving out for the day. Not selling, just socializing. :)

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Not to be confused by all the AnthroCon journals! Not going to AC. :c BUT WAIT! Looks like I'll be making it to AnthrOhio (formerly Morphicon) during the spring in 2016 as one of their guests! :o Never done the GOH thing before, or made it to this con, so all new territory, which is both exciting a…

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FAQ: India Ink

Been getting some questions about how I use the inks and/or watercolor. I try and put under each submission, what I used specifically for each piece, but I think sometimes there's confusion (or my write up is so short it gets missed.) Most of the stuff I do with India Ink, is done as an ink wash: i…

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Remaining Art Cards (available for purchase)

Keeping this journal entry to list original art cards that are still available so they're easier to find for anyone interested. :) All payments must be through Paypal. If purchasing more than one, I can give a bit of a discount on the shipping, since I factor it into the card price from the get-go.…

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ONE Illustration Comm Slot Open

My commission queue is currently clear (hooray!) and I'd like to fill it with something larger than the Mini-Portraits I've been doing over the last couple of years. I've yet to publicly open for a commission of this size, but have done a couple of them 'behind the scenes' now. Medium - Traditional…

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Still around!

Hey guys, wanted to pop in and say I haven't been checking in here much lately but I'm still alive and all that. Currently sucked into a personal project and working on it seems to make me not go near the computer.

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Big mail day! (And Trello.)

I try and shoot for mailing every couple of weeks, but it seems like my mail runs end up being once a month. Anyways, I had a rather big pile yesterday. Here's what went out: All mini-portraits that have been completed. (If I haven't posted yours yet, its not done yet.) All Happy Packs that have be…

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Happy Packs - Limited # Available!

Hey guys! I'm trying to save up for a motherboard so I can get back on my main computer again, which will get me back to streaming again. Also saving up to either fix or replace my printer. Priority is currently the motherboard though. I do have plans to put together a Patreon, but that will take a…

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Want to Patreon but running into snags.

I've been reading about Patreon and different ways people are setting it up and offering perks but I'm also sitting here feeling either too poor for Patreon or maybe its just nerves. Either way, it kind of feels like I'd need to run a Patreon in order to set up a more substantial Patreon. Here are…

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Hey guys!!

Just wanted to throw it out there that I have a specific journal for listing ready-to-be-sold, original art. I could use the boost in sales right now too, as some unexpected stuff happened, so by all means have a look! :D htt…

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Really enjoying it here so far!

Thanks for existing, Weasyl. :) One of the things that did bug me early on was not being able to set a feature image. BUT! Today I found out you kind of can but its even better. I discovered you can set a featured image by setting a folder (or multiple folders) as featured folders, which means that…

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Opening for Mini-Portraits!

Opening for more mini-portraits! Please read this journal completely before commenting!!! :D In the past I've taken slots without really reviewing the refs of the characters and I thought it was time I started doing things different. I had a new method with that with the last bunch of mini-portrait…

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Mini-Portrait News Update

(The following is a cut-and-paste of an FA journal from a couple of days ago. I do plan on taking these kinds of commissions here on Weasyl as well. ) Hey guys, its been like six months since I posted this journal: I'm going to be making a brand new jour…

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Commission Queue

COMMISSION QUEUE I have started to use Trello to list commissions. Please use the link below! CONTACTING Notes are perfectly fine to contact me about your commissions. If yo…

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Other places to find me.

I'm not going to put ALL my art from the past on here so I figured I'd link to my FA as well as some other places. FA - Tumblr - Twitter -

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Original Art For Sale

This journal is where I link any original art that I may have for sale. Once each a piece is sold, it will be marked as sold and then later removed from the list after it has been shipped. Should you be interested in any of the art below, you can either note me here on Weasyl or make a comment in t…