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Happy New Year 2016

As of the time of writing, 2016 is nearly about to begin. I hope everyone has a good new year. There may be some ups and downs, but progression is the goal. On an art related note, I really wanted to finish up the CosMoo 2015 series before the end of the year.. but with all thats gone on over the c…

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F-List and More!

Alright, before I get onto the list... Moo has been very busy with schoolwork lately. I know, not like its effected my posting pictures, like... at all. But it has hampered even my attempts to do so. On top of that, I need to finish these cosplay pictures.. maybe a belated birthday picture... need…

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More Sketch Nights?

I may be streaming commissions again this week, but after some feedback, I'll likely be raising prices for the sketches a little bit. Please leave a comment if you'd like to give a responsive feedback or any other opinions. I'll be streaming tonight to warm up a bit after a grueling week.

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Open Commission Night

STREAMING NOW I'm thinking of holding my first open commission night come Wednesday starting at about 7-8 PM cst. Only SFW sketches starting at $5 for one character. For the announcements, follow me on twitter. Hope to see you there. :) https://twitter.com/Arlyurl

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Thank You!

For those that joined us for the 26 1/2 HOUR charity stream, be it visit, good will, or donating, you have my heartfelt thanks. I don't believe I could've carried on as long as I had without you. There will still be streaming plans down the road, donations are still open for, I believe, the remaind…

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I'm streaming for ExtraLife, please come visit me! :) http://www.twitch.tv/arlyurl

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Unusual Moo

Amooha everybody. I know my streaming schedule has been up and down. I'm at least trying to keep Sundays as a nice set day but between events over the week, I wish I could stream more during the weekdays but seems unlikely most of the time. Sadly this means my little marathon of heroes is ridiculou…

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Extra Moos

I do occassionally remember I have a journal I can talk in. Anyways, apologies to those who check in every now and then for the long wait. I've either been too sick to concentrate, too tired to move, or too busy to even think about drawing over the past.. feels like couple of months. So the doodles…

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Nearly Time... To Die!

Tomorrow will see the release of Dark Souls 2 for PC/Steam. I've got it preloaded and hope to get it running as soon as it's available. SO Thursday, April 24th, tomorrow from today, I'm setting up for Twitch stream of Dark Souls 2. Looking at about 7:00-8:00 pm Central US Time, leaving a little gat…

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The Deal

((Important Notice: due to some storms, I don't feel comfortable with starting on Sunday, as I suggested below, I'll try tomorrow)) Thank you to all those who have been visiting my streak of livestreams as of late. Between working on art, sprites, fun splashes for future streams and watching old ca…

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Brrrr- shivershiver -so cold Uhh, since I've managed to figure out to superfy my streaming with a successful test of Sonictude, way past cool... no, no more cool, gimme my jacket Anyways, barring any interuptions, I'll try to stream this Sunday night, and we'll see about Tuesday. Keep an eye out on…

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Taichi... Very hard... Weather sucks... Makin me super tired... Everything hurts... And fuck my sleep schedule... Phone typing in bed is prolonging sleep... Try to draw some boobs later... Keep a look out for streaming... Moo out- ==Edit== nothing tonight, major headache, laying down somemore

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Settling In

So yea, been working to collect some of the cream from the old gallery as I move everything here. Eventually I'll post a notice in the other place to. But this means some of you will have to sit through my horrible old art reposts as I attempt to collect a few feature pieces for new people, hope yo…

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Hello Weasyl

Well here I am, I hope we can be friends. Your tabs are interesting, I hope you'll let me use them. I come here from drama as I'm sure many know well of. The price of following a moral stance against ignorance and cruelty towards your fellows. But let us not begin this cooperation with passions of…