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Arkyls / 28 / Female / Canada

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Commission Site

If you're looking to commission me, here is my site! <3

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Just making a journal to take the other off my main page! Hopefully more art will be coming, thank you all for my new watchers and favs!

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Temporary unlimited slots Paypal Only No Humans/Humanoids. » EACH PLUSHIE IS 10$ USD » BUY 5 FOR 42$ USD EXAMPLES HERE TERMS ♥ » Decent turnaround; two weeks tops. It honestly depends on how many I receive but I tend to do them in batches! ♥ » I can do any kind of feral animal, beast or monster of…

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Hi & Welcome! ♥ I recently transitioned over here from FA, but I do have a DeviantArt account as well. Either way I'll be uploading things here as much as I can (and remember!) but for now I apologize for the spam. I was going to upload more, but I think this is enough to get my gallery started unt…