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Ardhamon / 31 / Male / Kuwait

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes
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Changed my name on this platform

I've figured that since I've been using this name of FurAffinity for YEARS and also because I have a NSFW Twitter account with the same name (which you can find here ), I'd change the name of all the other furry art site platforms that I'm using. So I'm gonna be making changes to my profile to acco…

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Emergency Commissions are open!

I announced it on Twitter but I'm opening commissions to help out my girlfriend because she's been dealing with issues with finances. So if anyone is wanting to buy please let me know. Prices: Sketch: $15 Lineart: $18 Flat Colors: $20 Additional Characters: $12 Backgrounds: $17 I do both NSFW and S…

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Thinking about uploading commissions I got

So I guess because I got quite a bit of art of my fursona and even other characters that I adopted too and considering I've gotten so many drawings I'm thinking of uploading the art I commissioned and got from other people and put them in their own folders to separate them from my own artwork. I fi…

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New Year! More Activity! New Opportunities!

Hey guys!! What's up?! Boy I haven't updated my journal in a dog's age!! But hey what the hell?! I might as well do something to show everyone that I'm still active! So how's everyone doing? I figured I'd let everyone know what's been going on with me the past couple of years. Well long story short…

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I updated the prices for my commissions and made a new price sheet which you can see here. I thought I'd update everything with more recent (and much better) artwork. Comment or PM me if you're wanting to commission me.

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Thinking about reworking my commissions

I've been thinking about updating my commissions and even my price sheet because I really hate the examples and samples in the listing considering how a lot of that art is really old and my style and method of drawing has since improved greatly since then. I also hate the choices given like line ar…

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Update:- Tumblr's Dead, Newgounds and other stuff.

Boy I haven't made a journal entry in ages....I might update my journals more often to keep more active with my audience on here. Anyway time for me to cut right to the chase of why I'm writing this status so I'm sure you've heard that Tumblr done shit itself and killed a good portion of its userba…

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Renaming the adopts.

I've been having issues renaming a lot of my characters lately but I recently came with a solution. As time passes by I'm going to be going back to my older submissions and re-titling different submissions so that way each character now has their name that I come up with. I already have a couple th…

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Opened a Ko-Fi

I just opened a Ko-Fi just now. If you guys are wanting to donate and lend any support my way feel free to throw that support my way! I'm still taking commissions and if you want one feel free to check out my price sheet.…

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Taking comissions again

Hey guys I'm gonna be taking commissions because I want to raise some money for personal stuff, so if anyone wants one be sure to message me and I'll try to get them done ASAP. I'll take at least 15 commissions for those who want any. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Drop me a PM…

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Where else to find me

So hey guys..this is just a heads up to tell you guys where else you all can find me if ya'll wanna follow me on other places. Note some of the content on these websites may be considered adult so enter with precaution. DeviantArt: Newgrounds:- http://ardhamon.newgro…

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Dragon's Lair movie kickstarter

Well since everyone is talking about it I might as well talk about it myself, Don Bluth is making a kickstarter campaign for him to make a movie based on the Dragon's Lair games. I honestly am surprised that after all these years he wants to revisit the Dragon's Lair concept again. It's been a good…

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So while I haven't been as active on here as of late (I have a facebook page where I upload my art and hell I even upload other places too. But while I try and prepare some art and animation (some of which I need to finish) I shall talk about Undertale for a little bit. Oh my god, I am in love with…

Samurai_Canine’s avatar birthday is almost here...

I didn't really notice it until now but it'll be my birthday in 2 weeks from today. Holy crap! I'm gonna be 23 years...I can't believe how old I'm getting already. Haha

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Commissions are open.

So I recently got my paypal account so I decided to take some commissions. Feel free to check my commission information.

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Stream today

At 5:00 my time I'm going to have a stream today. I'll be streaming myself playing a Pokemon Nuzlocke challenge. I'll have to set up the stream and then I'll post the link. This is just a minor announcement.

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Well this is a new experience

Hey guys, Ardhamon here. I also go by Samurai_Canine on FA. Well anyway, I decided to join this website because I thought it'd be an interesting and new website. Despite that I don't draw a lot of furry art, I do enjoy the art that is posted on here and support the fandom in some ways...but not alw…