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Arcturax / Male / Ohio

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If I've unfollowed you... Don't panic!

It just means I'm following you on FA. I know some people are in both places, and some are exclusive to one or the other. To prevent double following, I'm just going to follow primarily on FA, and if that person isn't there I will follow them here.

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Big rumble in Asia

So it finally happened! Tyrnn and I had a macro dream on the same night! Some differences though! In his, me and Azzy and two others were walking over a clouded over landscape, unaware of what we were stepping on below. I really like that one too :D Mine was a bit different, it had more of a plot t…

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I got shrunk! Well.. in a dream :D

So on the MUCK I run (alfandria muck) I've been running a Sci-fi themed roleplay with darkvulpine2, Blackfang (universalblue on FA) and Alden (not on either :P). Anyway, the dream was set in the world of this sci-fi RP. In it, I split up from the other three people for a time because I had to go pa…

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I'm heading to Anthrocon tomorrow! Well I'll be visiting a friend until thursday then I'll be at the con Thursday morning or afternoon. Hoping to see many of you there!

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Weasyl friends and faves

Now that I'm becoming more active here and a slew of new users are coming over, I wanted to address a few things. Faves, while FA still is my main source of art, if I fave it there, I likely won't do so here simply because of the duplication of effort to open and fave each image. If FA becomes more…