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arc-rose / 25 / Male / São Paulo

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Commissions closed for a week

I will be revamping the commissions prices so I will close commissions for a week. Prices will go up a bit, and I won't accept NSFW until the end of the pandemic.

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Commissions are open + notice

I'm open for commissions, I made a doc with some info of what I will draw and updated the price sheet. Commission price sheet Commission info Also sorry for not uploading much. I'm gonna travel in July, so I'm planning the things I will do, while also preparing for the Brasil Furfest in August. I w…

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Holding a YCH

Come take a look. https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/4THU/under-the-moonlit-sky/

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Another Vent/Confession and New Year Resolution?

Edit: Editted 2 times already, I don't know how to put out my words. Disclaimer: Just continue if you wish to read about an anti-social self-hate/loath/something. Because I need to write this somewhere online. Well, this is an awful way to start a year. 2018 was... meh. Honestly, I couldn't care le…

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Chibistmas - Comissions for 5$

Hey everyone, like I said in the drawing I posted earlier, I'm accepting chibi comissions for everyone's favorite Holiday of the year. Halloween. *Shot Ahem. I'm accepting chibi comissions for 5$. See my latest post to see an example. Just note me if youre interested. Thanks bye. Posted using Posty…

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Comissions are still Open with discount!

Reminder that I still have a sale on comissions until the end of the month. All the prices have a 20% discount. https://www.weasyl.com/~arcrose/submissions/1619308/price-sheet-april-2018

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20% off until my birthday

Discount on all my comissions until my birthday at the end of the month. I would love to buy me some games and copics markers if I get the money. Anyway, the prices are as follows: Chibis - 4$ R$12 Bust - 5.20$ R$16 Halfbody - $6.40 R$20 Fullbody - $8 R$24 Cut and glue drawing: A5 - $13.40 R$32 A4…

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Other places I post

https://arc-rose.deviantart.com/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/arcrose1/ https://arcrose-ba.sofurry.com/ https://www.weasyl.com/~arcrose https://inkbunny.net/arcrose https://ych.commishes.com/user/arc-rose https://www.facebook.com/lucas.art.716

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Im back. A bit. but I feel like I need to do comissions again, just not as much as I did before to not lose steam on it, so I wont accept more than 2-3 a month for now. The prices are as it follows. Colored Headshot - $6.00 Colored Halfbody - $ $7.50 Colored Fullbody - $10.00

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Not gonna post for a while

I havent posted very regularly. In fact Im almost never posting stuff. You can say that I'm going for a hiatus, due to a bit of existetial crisis and some personal work. Sorry if anyone wanted to see more of my drawings, but I'm really not feeling it now. I am still drawing though, but nothing wort…

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Special comissions open!

https://www.weasyl.com/~arcrose/submissions/1503311/special-comissions-open Cut and glue drawings and badges! 7$ each! Shipping will cost around 4$! Come take a look

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I wanted some opinions on YCHs (mature)

Would anyone be interested in a mature/explicit YCH if I opened one? Or even sfw ones? I've wanted to try to get myself some money so I can try getting a steady income from my drawings. And of couse, the YCH itself wouldnt be held here, but on FA.

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Opening Comissions and Helping a friend

Okay, I'm still open for comissions. But this time, I'm trying to get some money for shadow-okami on DA. Her tablet is dying and she doesn't have money to get a new one. If you want to request a comission just comment below or send me a note. The money will go all to Shadow. The prices are listed b…