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AnxotheDragon / 21 / Female / Texas, USA

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A Note About The New Nest Sale

Hey all, AnxotheDragon here! Things in my personal life have been a little bit shaky lately, my health has been unstable at best and things are just continuing to pack on the chaos so I thought I’d give a little bit more insight into the situation I’m in and why I’m asking for support. Currently, I…

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AnxotheDragon ToS (Updated 10/20/19)

Payment AnxotheDragon currently accepts payments via PayPal only. AnxotheDragon requires that a valid email be presented at the time of purchase, to which an invoice will be sent via PayPal. AnxotheDragon does not, under any circumstances, accept payment via PayPal’s “Friends and Family” service, n…

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Breif Hiatus 2: The Musical

Hey all! Back with another news update that is... Sadly not good news. Due to a family emergency, I’ll be away from art for a little bit. Those of you who follow me on other platforms have probably seen some artwork posted in a fairly timely fashion but sadly I’ll be spending a lot of time for the…

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Plans for the Immediate Future

Hey all! Anxo the Dragon here again with another update! Good news, summer PWYW headshots was a success! All of the headshots have been finished up and my schedule is now empty again! You know what this means? More commissions! I plan to re-open for commissions on the 23rd this month, stay posted f…