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Antumbra / 34 / Male / Colorado

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Streaming and Requests

Hey I'm streaming now, waiting for Destiny to install the giant update (it said 37 min.......2 hours ago). So I'm doing some sketches, pics. Come on by and let me know if you have any requests! https://picarto.tv/Antumbra https://picarto.tv/Antumbra I'll be going for a few hours, or until the stupi…

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https://picarto.tv/Antumbra I'll be streaming for the next few hours in case anyone had nothing better to do. Hope to see you there!

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TMI Tuesday!

I WANT TO TALK TO YOU PEOPLE! That means possibly revealing things you didn't know about me! Ask me anything and I will answer honestly (and possibly ask you something).

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2015 Super Late Happy New Years!

Holy cow I am late doing this. Been busy with work conventions, helping the family and stuff. So, 2015 new years resolutions! Start my comic by June. I'm still hammering out some details, but I got most of the characters hashed out the way I want and some story written. I just really need to figure…

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Extra-Life, Stuff, and Fun Fact!

Let me just start by saying thank you to everyone who helped with the Extra-life charity donations this year! It is still going and if you want to donate, the link is: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cf.....cipantID=95803 Anyone who donates more than $10 I'll do a full color drawing for you, subje…

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FNAF Animated Icon?!

So I love this game and I wanted to see if anyone was interested in having their 'sona turned into an animatronic killing machine. Just in time for Halloween!** Here is a bigger view: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/706192/icon-night-at-freddy-s It would be for $20 plus shipping and handling (the…

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Get to Know....Me!

There are many versions of this floating about, I thought it would be fun to do as my first journal here: The Basics Name: Antumbra Nickname: That idiot Antumbra Location: Colorado Age: 27 Height: 6'0" Zodiac sign: Libra Any pets: 2 basset hounds and 1 German Shepherd/bear mix Favorite thing about…