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angyl / United Kingdom

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New PC Needed - Commission Drive

Well, my decrepit old PC which I use for work and everything is really being a chore lately, I think it's very much time to admit defeat. With a failing mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers and a system that regularly needs a daily restart it's really not doing that well at all. It was rebuilt with s…

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Here I am again

A fresh barrage of artwork for you all has just been uploaded. If you've wondered why there's not much artwork that I upload here it's simply that there isn't a great deal of demand for the content I post here. Most of my work these days is automotive and adult furry stuff, the former being unsuita…

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Here I am on Weasyl, doing my thing, when I realise I've not done a Commissions entry, so here it is. MATERIALS All of my work is completed predominately on A4 sized paper, with gorgeous Bristol Board for the full colour stuff and decent cartridge paper for sketches and ink work. I use a variety of…