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Amagire / They/Them / California, North America, Earth

"When life hands you scorpions, make scorpionade."
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A Series of Unfortunate Events

So April started with an emergency vet visit (it's okay, she's fine now!) and went downhill from there. My employer fell and broke her collarbone, increasing my workload about 600% -- time which I don't know yet whether I am even being paid for. Additionally, ongoing car trouble is ongoing and now…

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Ask Me Art Questions!

Hey, new followers! Jesus, there were a bunch of you this week. I'm assuming you tracked me down using that "find your FA +watchlist on Weasyl" tool? Nice to see you all again! Yanked from SpartaDog's Tumblr (and others), have some prompts. Pick any of these you're curious about and I'll answer in…

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Yo, Netflixians

It looks like I can pay my rent and bills this month, which means I get to take the day off! It's gonna be a day of homemade sushi, Skyrim, and Netflix for me; anyone got any recs? Those who followed me on Livejournal back in the day already know I have an unusually high tolerance for bad sci-fi, a…

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Hey, Weasyl

I'm torn. Between commission blocs, should* I work on adoptables or porn auctions today? (* I'm not asking "what do you want to buy" here, just flipping an internet coin, haha.)

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Flight Rising

Holy butts, I was going through my art folders and I have like 30 Flight Rising commissions from last year that I never posted here. IDK if anyone is still following me for Flight Rising art -- worth posting those in a flood when I get back from work, or is tumblr good enough? What do you think?

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TMI T[hur]sday!

ASK ME (almost*) ANYTHING! If you feel like it, that is. *I reserve the right to be cagey about RL medical information, potentially illegal activities, anything like that. Sex/fetish inquiries are cool tho. If you're in more of an answering than asking mood, I have a question. Are you +following fo…

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2015 Commission Prices & TOS

All prices are in U.S. dollars (USD), and I am currently only able to offer digital artwork. If you'd like to be notified if/when I am available for traditional media artwork, plushies, or sculpture, please send a note! SKETCHES: $20.00 (additional figures $10.00 each) Loose rough lines with modera…

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Die Young

Kinda surprised I haven't seen this fan-animated music video circulating furrydom like "What Does the Fox Say". Do furries just not like Ke$ha? IDK, I always hated this song, but now I kind of like it. THOSE FOXES ARE SO HAPPY.

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Thanks to the winners of my YCH auctions for bidding! I'll put some more up when I finish the current batch, probably later next week. I have some ideas to play with, but I was wondering if there was anything my low-key Weasyl following would like to see in particular. Speaking of, my BFFsie uropyg…

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Hey, Weasyl! Time to scrape the previous journal entry off my front page, because I have site-related news! Some of my art supplies are in need of replenishing or replacing, and my budget is pretty tight right now. Starting this weekend, I'm going to be posting some Weasyl exclusive experimental au…

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Apparently Weasyl sh*tcanned its gender-neutral policy on nipples in art, and deliberately singled out its trans/genderqueer/nonbinary users while doing so. According to the current ratings guidelines, a "mature" rated image: May not include clearly defined genitalia, female nipples, or areola (inc…

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Stolen from Nambroth who stole it from Likeshine, because they're both cool. What's your real name? Kyn. How tall are you? Taller than short people, shorter than tall people. Like 5'9" or so. What's your hair color? Black in winter, dark brown in summer. What's your eye color? Black in winter, dark…

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A significant percentage of my commentors asked me to put my gryphon generator online, so here it is! Click this link! Then select the corresponding two entries from the following lists: 1 Pesquet's parrot 2 Ground hornbill 3 Lesser flamingo 4 Bananaquit 5 Nene 6 Fairy prion 7 Yellow-headed vulture…

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I realized I had basically nothing in my Favorites so I went on a mad validation spree. If you see comments on stuff you uploaded over a year ago, don't panic.

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Hello, Weasyl!

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you, Weasyl. Actually I haven't really posted anything to any art sites in a long-ass time; I jumped ship on FurAffinity over a year ago, and deviantArt remains a navigation nightmare (plus that "check your pants to find out what your gender is" commentary from the dA…