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alphares / 34 / male / Austria

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A bunch of "Thank yous" and apologies!

Seems like Weasyl is becoming more and more popular these days. Awesome to see so many lovely people and artist gathering here. I'd like to say thank you to all the new followers and for all the favourites and comments. I'm flattered by all the attention my work gets lately. Also I need to apologiz…

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Get to know me - meme

Well, I wanted to get something new on my frontpage anyway. So here's this nice little meme. As always, if you have any questions just ask me and I'll answer :] What's your real name? Shawn Names you go by? Online: Alphares (Alpha/Al) or Kismuntr Offline: Alpha, Shawn, Shawnsie, Kater (means tomcat…

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Back - Art-Flood incoming!

Sorry for being MIA for such a long time, folks! I was a bit busy with many other things and now I'm back with arrrrrrt. Sorry for the following art-spam. I'll try to not flood you with too much a day. It's nice to be back though :)

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Thank you so much!!

I just want to use my journal for a very quick but important thing... I want to say THANK YOU! to all you wonderful people with all your comments, favourites, follows and other things! You are such an amazing bunch and I love you all for being awesome! Since some of you were unsure if they should t…