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Godith (Lady Godiva) Shadowind / 29 / Masculine Female / Eastern USA

Truth > Comfort
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i wanna do some more relaxed commissions. so for a limited? time, i'm offering fullbody commissions for only 15$, provided i have artistic freedom. so you give me character and the general mood or theme you want, and unlike my normal higher-priced commissions, i won't show wips or offer edits(unles…

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more disruptions

so fa is down again and i have run out of things to upload here. well, there's still stuff, but nothing i'm super proud of. also why don't character thumbnails work at all? i can't get it to update, whether i use the crop-submission-image option or upload an entirely new one. i updated thumbnail fo…

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Welp, FA's down

so i'm here... for now. is there a way to choose which folders show up on your profile page? since there's only 3 spots i want it to be my three biggest folders, but i don't want to like, hide all the submissions in that 4th tiny folder. i just don't want the folder itself showing up on my main pag…

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artfight - you draw for me, i draw for you

i am participating in art fight again this year. for those who don't know, artfight is basically an art-trade competition that takes place for one month (july) every year. you browse random characters, 'attack' by drawing ones you like, and the owner of said character is encouraged to draw for you…