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July's Request Month starts early

Like the title said, I decided to start request raffles early and introducing a new system along with the wheel. If you want to do a request without getting chosen by the wheel, you can donate one koffee on my Ko-Fi. Only three are allowed, any other will be regular donations. The wheel however wil…

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I made a GOB Twitter

Since Tumblr is now deleting naughty posts, I made a Twitter to replace the void https://twitter.com/GunsBeauty

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Request Month Convenant

Yep, I'm doing this again. Request Month is official on and it would be a raffle to reduce stress, the winners will be five and be announced each Friday. If you don't want a request anymore, just ell me and I'll take your name out of the raffle. You'll should know the rules by now and good luck

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Free characters

Another Year, another failed attempt to add some money on my paypal. I’m not going to be around the batch, since no one was interested, I’m doing them for FREE and it makes you wonder WHY DID I EVEN BOTHERED. Here the pictures for a reminder http://alythewolfcat.deviantart.com/art/Adopt-A-Family-66…

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A New Years Special

I'm having a special on the first weekends of the new year, think of as a last shot One requests for the next Saturday and Sunday, adding to the previous set if you got a request from me Oh, it would be treated like a single request, so no requests that take more than one pictures That's all I have…

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Request Month is Back

You heard me right Request Month has come to light Remember, five requests per folk Just put your requests in notes Also, remember what I won't draw. Just because it's December, doesn't mean I'll draw everything

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I have a Discord

...on moble Yeah, my computer doesn't support it, so I had no choice, but to get it on my phone. My tag is Jalen Hinohnu#9769.....I just realize the numbers on my tag

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I got a Wii U

Like the title said, I finally have it two days ago just when the Switch was showed.....S%!* Oh well, my Nintendo Network ID is AlytheWolfcat

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Update (OCTOBER)

Hey, what's up guys, it's crumbling depression here and today, I want to make a update on what's going on. First, as you know, Manga Month is over, the first few pages of first chapter are posted on the blog: http://erasianadventures.tumblr.com/ I will not bother to tell the days, you can check to…

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New Years

First of, Request Month is over, get off my lawn you free loaders Second, the requests I have will be done in between days Third, I'm not rhyming in the descriptions in the requests Fourth, I'm going to do some personal art to get it off my folder for memory sake Fifth, I haven't mention this, but…

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Request Update

I probably not going to finish all the requests I combine with personal issues between finishing video games, pains from my arms and a sore throat......I should probably rhyme since it's still December, but whatever Don't worry, I'm not cancelling any requests I'm not doing now. If you still want a…

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Commission infomation

http://alythewolfcat.deviantart.com/art/AlytheWolfcat-s-Commission-Sheet-530492250 All you need to know is in this link

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It's Janurary

It's New Years...I'm not doing requests anymore. Fuck off

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That's right, I join this website from DA If you want to see more, go to my DA: http://alythewolfcat.deviantart.com/ Submitting all my picture will be insane, I'll see what will be in site