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Anyone intrested in getting some art colored?

I need to make some money to upgrade my computer so I am interested if anyone needs some stuff colored and tell you how much it will cost since I have no real set prices with all my coloring starting as flat's for one character being $5. So if interested let me know int he comments below!

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So I have a question for everyone

I am honestly a coloring artist, rarely do I draw myself anymore and I even take coloring commissions for pretty cheap honestly. But the point here is this. How do you feel about this, someone commissioning another artist just to color a picture they had made or gifted to them or some other circums…

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Free raffle

Go here lads! https://www.weasyl.com/journal/84649/scheknul-s-next-free-art-raffle

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Free art raffle

https://www.weasyl.com/journal/82790/it-s-that-time-again ^^^Go Here^^^

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The threat has passed!

So a quick Update for everyone. My internet never really got disconnected cause COX is weird and told me about 3 weeks ago on that Friday I was supposed to lose internet....Well....That never happened. XD But the note here is that the threat of me losing internet has passed cause the bill has been…

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Important Notice regarding me

Well Looks like im gona be without internet for about 2 months unless I can manage to get $118.01 by tomorrow night. So to everyone that talks to me sorry I won't be around much or at all being only able to get on when friends parents are not around or kids while at his house or while at a public p…