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Aisu / 27 / Florida

aka mr. Kink Satan
Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed
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commissions & shop open!

so i'm back from megaplex and ready to start taking on regular commissions again! in addition to my shop being OPEN FOR BUSINESS, i have slots open for x-ray badges, emergency icons, and sketch/sketchpage commissions! note that sketchpage commissions have new prices and have been split into sequent…

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commissions hiatus :(

hey everyone! just wanted to give you an update... i'm going on vacation with my family from june 17th-24th and i won't have access to a scanner or my cintiq during that time, so i can't take any new commissions :( and once i get back from that trip, i only have a few short days until my next one (…

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commission updates!

hey guys, i recently came up with a new way to handle commissions that works regardless of the website you find me on. i've made a tag on my art tumblr that lists all open commission types and a slots post where you can see how many slots are open and monitor my queue. as commission types are close…

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weasyl up to date + commissions open!

alright, everything's up and running now! got my most recent pieces and some sketchpage commission examples up. i'll be keeping weasyl updated along with fa and my art twitter where i am the most active! i'm also working on getting my furry network up as well, i'll tell you when i do. anyway, here'…