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Oh Weasyl

I really... really haven't felt like posting anything anywhere but FA and DA these days :/ I don't like it, but that seems to be the best places to socialize! I hope Weasyl takes that spot in my mind soon enough.

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I'm on Patreon!

Hey! If you wanna follow and support me through Patreon, here's the two I manage: https://www.patreon.com/pullingweeds?ty=h This is the webcomic patreon for my personal stories and characters! https://www.patreon.com/airuafterdark?ty=h This is for all the adult artwork I never post on sites. Sign u…

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New Species: Synes

~~~ Just a few words about the species, for anyone interested in being a part of them for future auctions! I am calling them Synes for now... but I dunno. Might change that.ANYWAY, they are basically spirits that roam the world causing certain environmental changes. They are usually mysterious and…

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My Collections!

HEY! Check out my collection section for more images of my characters. And it's super awesome cuz they're drawn by NOT ME! 8D I try to always add to it, so if you've drawn something for me especially if it's of my characters, throw it to me for a collection! I'll happily add it and show it off :3 h…