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Get to Know Meme

Stolen from Susiron lol. What's your real name? I would rather keep it in secret but it starts with M xD How tall are you? As far as i remember, its 168cm- i feel small What's your natural hair color? Dark blonde What's your eye color? mix between blue and green(maybe green and gray) What's your or…

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So sorry that i am not that much on line hear, i will try to check it out more! Sorry for bombarding you now with all faves too! T^T Been busy lately with commissions and because im mostly using DA and FA, i kind of left this site in back, OH BAD ME! Anyway, i will try to be fresh with updates and…

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AT FIRST- WHAT CAN I DO: animals, different types humans (thus your own risk XD) designs refsheets dragons and creatures WHAT I CANT DO: mostly mechanic stuff such as cars, robots and etc.(but depends) WHAT I WONT DO: Yiff and too naughty images. Im not into sex and all that stuff. I can draw you s…