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I want to return

I want to move here from FA, but I just don't have anything to post at the moment, whoooops This time I won't force myself to draw...

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I admit I don't really like the design of this site much, but... Well, I want a fresh start somewhere, and I think this will be the place. I was thinking of just making a new FA account, but I'm not sure I even want to hang around there anymore. Not even for the reasons most people leave, but maybe…

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New Tablet

Bought a new tablet because I really need to open commissions soon, hahah. I was saving the money, but felt this would be a good idea so that I can make more.

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Broken Tablet part 2

So the wireless attachment thing doesn't work with my tablet. :T I checked, double checked, triple checked that it was the right model. Sigh. Now who knows when I'll be able to draw again. u_u

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Another broken tablet cord

Hahah, whoooooops I seem to have a knack for destroying tablet cords. This is the third (though, one of them was really old and already starting to die before I used it...). orz I was going to try drawing today, but nope. I ordered a wireless attachment, so hopefully I don't manage to break that, h…

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Looking to Draw Your Characters

I haven't drawn much lately... been in a bit of a funk. To get back into the swing of things, I browsed through several pages of characters and have a small collection of ones I want to try drawing after learning more about them. Feel free to post your own, but keep in mind I have a cute/chibi styl…