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Acru / Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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A Fresh Start

Panda has recently had a renewed interest in art! Will it last? Time will tell, but panda plans to post more in the mean time~ Especially paintings, which are fun to do if panda doesn't get super perfectionist over... This goes along with profile updates and etc, as panda sees something that needs…

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About Thing-a-Day

As panda hasn't actually failed yet after 20 days, I feel I should say something about it... The art panda does tends to be left unfinished, or otherwise considered not good enough to show anyone, but things got to the point where nothing was being posted for months at a time, or much longer. To co…

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Making Progress

It seems I have gotten behind on posting art in the last couple months. I have still been making new art but not finishing any of them, and I've not set aside time to scan any older traditional arts. So I made some effort recently to finish up a few pieces that were nearly done, and I picked out so…

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First Thoughts

Oookay, first journal post go~! Last October I picked up a 'new' tablet off e-bay to replace an old one that predated USB and thus was unusable on a modern computer, and I have since had a renewed interest in doing art, producing a fair number of digital pieces, much more than the average over prev…