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"A picture can tell a thousand words and a piece of art can tell a thousand ideas but the eyes tell an entire story...."
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Free Fursuit head(and more)

https://www.weasyl.com/journal/89338/time-for-a-free-fursuit-head-and-more This is NOT an offer I'm making! This is by Wahaneta! Go check it out!!!

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Sudden Random Postcard Sale!

I am in current need of funds to pay for my cats vet bill! As a result, I have having a very sudden, random and short-term post card sale. Kinda like min-commissions. These will be Water Color and/or Colored Pencil. $10 gets you a random, artist choice, 4"x 6" postcard. You can choose from one of t…

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Our First Kickstarter!!

Our first kickstarter just went live! It runs through March 27 until 11:59 PST. Check it out Here => https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/677174180/weasels-on-easels-growing-one-goal-at-a-time Here's to (hopefully) being successful on the first try! Even if you can't support it financially, we stil…

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A New Year With New Changes for WOE!

Happy New Years! Bringing in the New Years means new things for Weasels on Easels! Join us on ringing in the new seasons with some of our new changes below. We hope to continue to serve you and bring you new work as the year begins! Our Commissions List: The first of our new changes is how clients…