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Nothing is true, everything is permitted
Commissions: Open
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Requests: Closed
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Info about requests

So, I thought I should clarify how I take requests. First things first, they are patreon exclusive. That means you have to support me on Patreon, be my patron to get one My Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/666Zarike For just 1$ a month you get to request me as much as you'd like. Only one limit…

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Poll, what type of Pokemon fanart would you like?

So, I'm gonna draw some pokemon fanart, because I can, and it's fun :D Please comment with your favorite pokemon, and/or the one you think is the sexiest. I also have this straw poll to determine what you want, anthro or feral, and which genders. http://strawpoll.me/3905843 My favorite pokemon is S…

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I'm back!

Hello, got back a bit earlier then planned, thought to bad weather. Hope you had a great week ;)

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See you in a week

Hello, I will be out of town for a week, so I thought that I would let you know. No more pics until I come back, but hopefully I will have something awesome for you the week I come back ;) Have a great week and see you on Monday.

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New info about Streaming!

Hello, first I want to apologies for not streaming this nor last week. Last week I was away, and this week I'm watching the Internationals, which is the world championship in Dota 2. I'm also changing the request rules for my stream, as I've found out that Patreon will not work for me, at least not…

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Free requests sketches, read below for more info.

I've decided that I will open a email for you to send requests to. But remember if you really want me to do your request you should come become my patron, and come to my stream. The requests you send to this mail I will make for my own entertainment and relaxation, and that means I only do pictures…

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The future of requests, gifts, art trades and commissions

Hello, I just wanted to talk to you all about what I plan for all of the above. Let's start with requests I have decided that requests will be done on stream only, the good thing is that I will stream once a week on Saturdays where I do only requests. The other thing is that requests will only be f…

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The benefits of becoming my patron.

Hello, as you might know I've made my own Patreon page. http://www.patreon.com/666zarike Here you can support me by becoming my patron. You pay what you want, and you can tip me as many times as you want. I want to do this so that I can focus more on doing request for you and doing less commissions…

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I got a patreon page, check it out!

Hello, I got a patreon page now http://www.patreon.com/666zarike Where you easily can donate to me, and also download all my comics! You can donate as much as you want on patreon, how often you want to. I want to share my plan for my patreon, and my content, and I would love feedback. My plan is th…

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Vote on what I should draw next, POLL!

Yeah, I have a lot of ideas, and even though I am working on 1 big commission and 1 short comic, I still want to draw some of my own pictures. But I can't decide what idea I like the best =P So help me by voting on what you want. Devina's "stalker form" (had this idea since I made her, a slimmer bl…

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Back catalog?

Hi, I´m sorry for not posting that much recently. I will post most of my back catalog here, but I got a questions, should I skip sketches and WIP´s? The biggest reason why I have not submitted my old pictures yet is due to Weasyl´s bad tag system. Usually I can just copy paste from my old submissio…

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I need more traps/fembois in my gallery! (free art)

Myes free pics ahead! So, I´ve been thinking for a while now, that I need more guys, preferably gay guys in my gallery. I also need to learn how to draw less extreme proportions on my females. And I also need more pictures for my portfolio. So I thought that I would put them together into one thing…

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Please help me, free request commissions, read!

Hello, so I think I probably talked bout this about half a year ago, how I would start to work on my portfolio more, but sadly I have not done that. Due to a bunch of commissions, and me generally being burnt out and having some minor art blocks, I have not been able to work that much on my portfol…

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The Fetish Club Webcomic, and donation reward list

Hi, me and Biowind just started this webcomic, and it´s gonna be called The Fetish Club. See the first one here ---> https://www.weasyl.com/submission/415708 It will be published once a week, and featuring 1 fetish a week. The fetish will be determined by you, or me depending if something is really…

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About me meme

What's your real name? Ask me if you really want to know How tall are you? 175 cm What's your natural hair color? Medium brown What's your eye color? Blue like the depths of sea What's your orientation? Bi-sexual Are you single, taken or undecided? Single What do you do in your spare time? Play vid…

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Hi, an introduction

Hi, my name is Zarike =) I draw mostly porn and erotic art, but furry and human, and demons to =P Don´t be afraid of asking me anything I will try to answer all comments and such. I draw mostly futa/herm, but also some traps/femboys, straight stuff, and gay and lesbian stuff to. I am bisexual and I…