Things about the New Year. by Lord-Reptile

2015 has been an odd year. It's brought heartbreak, happiness, and so much more. I never thought my life would end up as it has this year, and while that may not really be a good thing, I'm certain 2016 is going to bring along many new experiences. So, that being said, here's my "New Years Resolution."

-I'm going to put more effort into working on who I am as a person, so as to be more content with myself.
-I would like to lose weight. I plan on going on a diet and exercising daily.
-I want to work on developing and improving my art style.
-I want to work on developing my characters more. I want to focus on one at a time until they're all perfectly to my liking, and until then I don't want to take on many more characters. Their progress {sketches, doodles, and other stuff about them} is going to be posted on my art-related social media and partly on Weasyl. I think I might start with Andras and Bjorne {both of them, because they're a couple}.
-I want to read more.
-I would like to read more philosophy-related things.
-I want to do better in school, and work more consistently. I want to get much more done this year than I did last.
-I want to expand my music taste more.
-I would like to finally get the piercings I've been wanting done {belly button, set of conches, set of traguses}.
-I would like to get rid of some of my old clothes I don't wear, and also old things I no longer have anything to do with, as to have more space in my room and so things will be more neat.
-I would like to keep my room & my things, and my devices/online accounts more neat and organized.
-I want to depend less on other people for happiness and more on myself.

I feel like I didn't progress/make much improvement nearly enough in 2015, though I feel I survived things I never imagined I would have to go through. I want to make so much more progress with everything in this new year.

Things about the New Year.


28 December 2015 at 00:56:59 MST

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