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Happy holidays! by chutkat

To everyone who's celebrating christmas, Yule, Hannukah, family gatherings, the Emperor's Birthday and other things I might not be aware of, happy holidays to you!
And those who are not doing anything special during this season, I hope you are doing great :)
It seems that no matter how hard I try to make time for myself, I usually never get it and it's replaced with having to do something for someone else, like taking care of my friend's dog because everyone is out of town and they really can't take it home with them. (He's alright, Yuuko and I give him lots of love).

But anyways, I will try my best for next year to be fluent in japanese eve if I have barely any time to study, somehow I'll manage it! And also I want to give myself some time for my personal projects. I have been working hard on my portfolio and it's becoming bigger and better, but It's not ready quite yet.

I did get a new computer eventually and somehow it all came together and I was able to build it myself and with my friend's help, even get a much larger, better capacity one, which has allowed me to accept bigger jobs that normally would break my laptop xD

I miss this community, and I miss to talking to the people here. But I need to do what i need to do in order to keep improving. Hopefully next year I will be able to fulfill most of the things that I want to do and can come back here more often and with my personal characters and for-fun illustrations.

Stay safe everyone and let me know what are your plans for these holidays. :D

Happy holidays!


24 December 2015 at 13:52:45 MST

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    Happy holidays! I hope the upcoming year is a good one for you!

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      Thanks man! Same to you!!

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    Hope the next year shall be a better one than this one . :)

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      Thankyou very much! I really wish the same for you :D