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Commissions Open January 1 by Dandylions

January is right around the corner and we are nearly ready to open our doors!

Take a moment and read our revised terms of service at **We are going through a domain transfer and the site may be down for a few days at one point before the first of the year **

Now, we will be opening quarterly (Jan - March) this year. We will be filling each month with one full suit and partial, or any combination of that same workload, per month.

We will not have waiting lists for each quarterly opening. If you do not make it in this round, please reapply if you are still interested next round. This is to keep things more organized for us and makes it less likely for us to lose track of people.

Projects will NOT be chosen first come first serve. They will be chosen on a variety of criteria. What materials are available at a given time. Which project may reflect Dandylions strengths? What would be down right fun to do?

When you apply please have a reference sheet available with at least two shots: front and back. If you submit a piece of art that is not a reference sheet you may or may not be rejected.

Our request form will go live on January 1, 2016 at Noon Pacific Standard Time.

Everyone who applies will receive an informational quote. That does not mean you have been accepted. Many people ask us for quotes for their own information, therefore, everyone accepted or not will receive a quote, in case they are interested at a later date in 2016. Prices are good for the year.

If you have been accepted, you will be notified within your quote email you have been accepted or not very clearly.

Dandylions is out of the office until December 30th. Emails will not be answered. Emails asking for a quote will be ignored completely.



If you are a crafter, or just an art fan, check out our Patreon!

We are excited to see what is submitted this upcoming year!!

Crimson, Jono, Tomcat and Maxcoyote

Commissions Open January 1


20 December 2015 at 14:51:44 MST

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